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u.s. intelligence says there's no direct link between russia and the downing of the malaysian airliner over ukraine they insist it was shot down by anti care fight is but has so far failed to hand over any hard evidence. m.h. seventeen's flight data recorders head to the u.k. to be decoded is investigators begin identifying passengers body saying they're satisfied with the probes progress so far. the u.s. and european media keep pressing the blame for the crash on russia brushing off all evidence to the contrary is propaganda claiming of a voice the whole world and ray and his claims and counterclaims to new over the boeing tragedy the e.u. draws up further sanctions against russia over the crisis in ukraine.
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and i welcome you watching r.t. international now this nothing directly tying russia to the downing of flight m.h. seventeen u.s. intelligence officials have announced during a press briefing they believe it was the work of antigovernment forces but the officials say they aren't even sure of nationality let alone who did it artes and to see a chore sums up the briefing. u.s. intelligence officials speaking on conditions of anonymity really under thinking veil of secrecy are coming out and saying that they have absolutely no evidence and no proof showing any kind of involvement on behalf of the russian government when it comes to this tragedy certainly this is something that's
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a very big development in this story because this does not really fit the narrative that the u.s. has been pushing in this the whole ordeal as of course meanwhile certainly the investigation is really just beginning to take off importantly we've heard from one u.s. intelligence officials say we don't know when name we don't know rank and we're not even one hundred percent sure of a nationality this keeping this in mind they are continuing to say that it's likely this was a mystique shoot down conducted by the end of fighters on the ground in eastern ukraine but it looks like because of so much secrecy and these reports really are you and interpret it differently certainly in the u.s. media we seeing journalists going so far as to say that they have don't even have any certainty at all in terms of this being specifically the anti kiev fighters we know that these u.s. intelligence officials are saying that they are basing these claims on social media and posts made by the ukrainian government and that's certainly not
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a first when it comes to the ukrainian crisis on monday russia's defense ministry has said also that they have proof that there was another clean in the air next to the malaysian airlines flight before it was shot down they believe that this plane resembled a ukrainian military jets and they have been demanding comments or an explanation from kiev and kiev of course thus far has denied this we also do know that russia's defense ministry has also said that they have images of ukrainian missile systems within the zone of the crash where washington maintains that russia is training and b. and to go forces in east ukraine charges that it is putting together a base possibly on social media posts that investigative journalist spends one finds worry. we now see the ministration stepping back walking back some of these comments about the involvement of russia the administration saying we don't even
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know that the training happened in russia but again we're pretty sure we're not going to tell you who these sources are again they're all speaking anonymously but we're pretty sure this is all happening in russia again but not offering any evidence here's what we're going to see happen is the administration kind of gives this kind of soft explanation that they don't have evidence but with the nudge in the wink that says but we really know media picks up on that they'll begin to report a little bit and then within a few weeks we'll probably see that this becomes a non-story in many ways because it now no longer fits the narrative that the administration was hoping for and that media was hoping for and they'll move on to the next story meanwhile the netherlands which is leading the investigation into what happened to flight m h seventeen is aspiration to the black box flight recorders recovered at the crash site there on course that has more now on the investigation from the didn't yet screeching. now most of the bodies of the victims of flight m h seventeen have now arrived in the city all part of call for the netherlands
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a forensics team are now working on the scene there and interpol out of there as well as trying to identify the bodies now we're waiting for the bodies to arrive in the lead netherlands perhaps on wednesday according to the dutch prime minister meanwhile the always see who are working here on the scene is a monitoring mission said i'm like the first said they have now been granted full access to the sites and they're also saying that malaysian experts who arrived here are also feeling completely unrestricted the malaysians have expressed gratitude for the access they received today and they were quite happy with that. in fact they said they felt quite protected. they have also said they have not seen any evidence of parts at least major parts missing from any of the crash sites we visit today the spokesperson for the always see mission also added that perhaps it is now time for those with more experience to finally get here to the next can
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start investigating and he also mentioned that there yet see here from the international aviation commission meanwhile the black boxes that were recovered on the scene that were initially given by the self-proclaimed defense forces to the malaysian authorities were later delivered to the british aviation authorities who will now be conducting an investigation along with the netherlands. as we've heard that the bodies of the victims are being transported to the netherlands and peter all of a is deaf ears. it's here at eindhoven airport that the first bodies of those killed on board malaysian airlines flight seventeen will be brought on board a dutch military airplane just behind me you can actually see an australian military transport that will be heading in the opposite direction as part of what's being called a an air bridge that will make sure that all of the bodies come out of ukraine and enough equipment goes into the country so that a correct investigation can take place now once those bodies arrive here at
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eindhoven airport they're going to be taken by a refrigerated truck to the town of health to be more correct to a military base just outside of the town of hilton now that that military base is the headquarters the main training center for medics in the army now this was something that was promised by marketer the dutch prime minister on monday during a press briefing he said it was the number one priority to get the bodies out of ukraine and begin that identification process and it seems that that's now well underway and will be bringing some kind of rest by to those families who lost their loved ones on board this tragic tragic flight they investigate into the mh seventeen downing is still in its early stages but some of us in the at let's have already pin the blame they keep accusing russia of both the crash and the cover up sometimes mistaking of one of the speculation from moscow's official take. as more
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. the media coverage in the west has been largely slanted against public opinion of course response to that kind of coverage but look sentiment is that russia is probably involved and if involved they're probably going to cover it up that's where the public sentiment is in the c.n.n. poll the american people got it right in terms of who's to blame here folks fifty one percent said russia isn't directly involved but only the stakes are high whoever shoulders the blame for this atrocity is going to be the target of global anger and right now it looks like it's russia's fault because. it's russia's fault i it's quite clearly the latest twist in this propaganda war the russians through their ambassador here in kuala lumpur presenting their version of events to the malaysian media there's also been attempts to discredit russian sources of information c.n.n. put out a breakdown of what it called russia's propaganda the first item on the list is this it says the russian take passengers were already dead when put aboard the m h
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seventeen but when you follow the link on this page it has an article in russian which reviews all the apparently put on quote fake fur gins and conspiracy theories that are out there that's what the article says specifically about the theory that the bodies were dead before the crash it says literally then there is information which is simply impossible to believe c n n presents it and calls it the russian take it is not the russian take in the same breakdown right after this dead bodies theory c.n.n. puts russian defense officials showing evidence that ukraine had the capability to shoot down the plane moscow is now saying ukraine did it showing evidence that it had the capability to do it contrary to what kiev is now saying that claim is brushed off as propaganda information is now politically charged on all airwaves it seems many journalists have already handed down their verdict in washington i'm going to check on r.t.
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. well the estimated present damning prize is the voice of the whole world. investigative journalist. he says the press is trying to protect the interests of europe and the us. this is typical of the western media every time america's or britain's or the european union's interests are at hand they want to see america things or america wants the will see the international community wants america washington believes that they have the right to speak on behalf of the international community and they don't they certainly do not speak on behalf of argentina or brazil or mexico or other countries throughout the world so definitely it's just a way of carrying out their psychological warfare to believe that they are voicing the opinion of the vast majority of people of the world over when it is not the case that they were merely repeating or seeing what is the belief or the interest of america of london or of the other nato countries for example meanwhile the
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foreign policy chief has promised a new black list of russian sanctioned by year will be announced by thursday moscow's economy could also be targeted. as more. president putin in particular has direct responsibility to compel them to cooperate with the investigation that is the least they can do russian backed rebels quite likely a russian supplied weapon. russia can't wash its hands of this the context for this tragedy is russia's attempt to destabilize a sovereign state violate its territorial integrity and and train militias e.u. foreign ministers have agreed to extend its blacklist of russian individuals or putin's cronies as they call them to be targeted by a new wave of sanctions as well as russian companies in the energy defense and financial sectors another list of harsher so-called to three sanctions will be drawn up but they'll only be imposed at a later date if russia fails to stem what it says is a flow of weapons
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a placement and militants across the border as far as the measures taken by the unite the european union are concerned this is a logical consequence of the decision of the european council and the lack of progress we've seen on the russian side since then cross the pond the white house has long been pushing for the e.u. to take a harshest stance against russia and it welcomed it's not just towards more punitive measures even pushing for a full arms embargo france's said it will honor its contract to provide russia with one at craft carrier but could still back out of sending a second to moscow washington also trying to take advantage of the situation differently destroy the french and you are they are not in the district and i'm talking about mr i don't think we're going to stop the sale anywhere in french elements in the this is final and so would be given. in britain the home secretary
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unveiled a new public inquiry into an old wound the death of former f.s.b. agent alexander litvinenko in two thousand and six. it's all part of this russia campaign and the u.k. government will be hoping that bringing this back into the limelight will try to hold people against russia and so it's a political decision lightly. right all ministers reportedly said the timing of the probe was a coincidence but one that's likely to add to the already high tensions boyko r.t. while on a ski from the brussels based e.u. reporter magazine believes that human tragedy is being exploited for deployment by diplomats for political gain whatever is the official i say mainstream press says the research and to standing in clarity that isn't political game and america the united states up back to the great classics retaining of russia course
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they're also the allies of the united states in europe who are following closely the point of view or the politics of the united states this are catastrophe is used to such extent for political means that we we can truly establish the truth because already now the acts first have to fight against the opinion of the white house and its the most powerful country in the world. from our ukrainian army has launched a new round of shelling in the rest of the nets krege and military officials so they are making headway in what they call liberating the areas of separatists those supporting the self-proclaimed republic two times near the regional capital bore the brunt of the fresh attacks with residential areas again taking the heaviest damage a nine year old girl was reportedly killed in one of the attacks over a dozen civilians have also been wounded locals were forced to spend the night in basements emerging in the morning to find their homes reduced to really. to know
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what the british should. know you should there's a lot of shit and i'm going to be seeing your book but it won't be you know you have write a book but you've got this being a boy if it don't come from the civil rights but i mean but this need not all sets off it's ok that he had not she did see something in the middle got me and then go on i mean you don't miss you when you're not yet media taking it the minute you go . check out our website for all the latest news from ukraine regarding both the mh seventeen crash investigation and the ongoing unrest you'll get timelines analysis and videos photos all that can be found it called. the medics and i'm going to cruise a quarter in israeli fire while gaza is ripped apart an offensive this left hundreds of palestinian civilians dead and many thousands seeking shelter. we've got that story to come plus the federal bureau of instigation a report claims the u.s. government led lower body citizens on
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a path to terrorism loading them into criminals stories coming up after the break. i marinate join me. in park and financial reporting commentary contribute and much much. only on bombast and. choose your language. clearly make it with zero in federal subsidies still some of . it's good sense to. choose the opinions of the great. choose the stories that impact the.
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child's access to. i. combine it with r.t. now major international airlines have suspended flights to israel ji to safety concerns after a rocket struck near the state's main international airport meanwhile the country's defense forces continue their offensive in gaza so far more than six hundred thirty palestinians have been killed most of them civilians twenty nine israeli soldiers have also lost their lives. i.
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felt that. i could talk a lot of. what i thought. was oh. oh i. was. well a norwegian doctor volunteering in gaza wrote an open letter in an attempt to draw international attention to the horrific scenes witnessed by the medics he describes legs of blood in emergency rooms and the never ending flow of wounded mads gilbert also appeal to western leaders to go to gaza in person and see what's going on and he says the spending one night at a hospital where he works would be enough to change their minds. with israel's navy to the west tanks and ground troops to the north east and south
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and has modern air force all the while overhead there is no shortage of extreme risks for gaza's paramedics and other first responders while we're on our way to the middle of gaza and the taxi drivers that we were using basically got a phone call saying his home all the building in which he lives is being destroyed this is what's left of it. but one of these released called us ordering us to evacuate our home and just after we left the home they bombed it reducing it to the state you see it in now i'm happy that nothing happened to anyone from my family or any neighbors. despite losing his home our driver insists we continue our journey as we travel south from gaza city strikes and shelling become all the more visible. but the palestinian red crescent ambulances haven't reach some affected areas leaving civilians distraught but entering such areas can be deadly for
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paramedics ambulances have come under fire in this recent escalation one medic has already died and it's happened before a paramedic died in the two thousand and twelve war more than a dozen others died in the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine conflict while in the last five minutes of being here at the hospital in middle middle gaza we have seen three israeli on manned aerial vehicles fly over and we've seen just as many dead bodies around here. in order to let palestinian paramedics do their job israel call the union national cease fire in an area that seen heavy strikes scores of ambulances fire engines and diggers rushed in to help the many injured and to recover bodies. of missiles struck the surgery department which is home to casualty in trauma patients causing many deaths and injuries. you know no first responders are internationally legally protected workers fearing that's not
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enough they've been joined by foreign activists volunteering as human shields but even with that protection for our own volunteers shielding an early civilian evacuation ended in the death of one teenager apparently as a result of multiple i.d.f. gunshots exhausted and overwhelmed with people needing attention garza's paramedics have a seemingly impossible job to do all the while trying to avoid being part of the body count themselves harry fear r.t. . clashes between palestinian and israeli troops in the west bank are taking place on the day basis at least one person has become victim of the latest skirmish is this protest this demand an end to the guards or offensive demonstrators three stones that israeli soldiers while they responded with stun grenades and tear gas. human rights watch has accused the f.b.i. and the u.s. department of justice of creating terrorists out of law abiding citizens the group
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study found that the bureau sometimes went as far as funding potential terror acts encouraging people to commit them in many countries that would be considered entrapment but not in the u.s. report i expect. i'm in america's war on terror hundreds of american muslims have been arrested prosecuted and imprisoned for attempting to carry out terrorist attacks but according to a report released by human rights watch most of the high profile terrorist plots that were foiled by the f.b.i. were actually manufactured and orchestrated by the government to talk more about this human rights watch report on day one by one of the co-authors tarkus smile thank you very much for joining thanks it's a pleasure you guys found that the government was actually creating terrorists out of law abiding citizens house but we looked at twenty seven cases that we thought would give us
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a good idea of what's been going on since september eleventh and the cases we looked at were made up of some sting operations as you say and we looked at other cases where overbroad material support laws were used to prosecute people for things that they said the f.b.i. was playing a major role instigating and often offering many of the tools that the individuals who were later arrested and convicted needed in order to be successful and pulling through with the plot that the f.b.i. accused them of europe for example would define this as entrapment how is the u.s. government allowed to get away with orchestrating crimes inducing people into committing them and then prosecuting them for committing those crimes why is that considered entrapment in the u.s. to prove entrapment defense first needs to prove that the individual the defendant was induced to commit the crime in the case. for example
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a two thousand and four case out of new york city so rod said you know i could understand why a palestinian who had his home attacked or his family killed might feel the urge to do something and potentially even pull yourself up that was used as evidence of predisposition to commit a terrorist attacks here. what you see is a community that's being targeted for their very identity and that's something that should give us a lot of parts a lot of target smile thank you very much for your time actually stated well human rights watch also told us that prosecutors use the fear of try terrorism to sway juries the informant might spend weeks or months developing a relationship with these people sometimes showing people inflammatory photos of violence perpetrated by americans and encouraging them to plan terrorist attacks and then the f.b.i. of course provides the means to commit the attacks frequently they provide any weapon they have provided money to allow people to travel to locations to plan
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a terrorist attack so in some cases we've documented f.b.i. essentially manufacturing the entire plot the prosecution can admit evidence totally unrelated to the defendant but about terrorism in general and that inflames the jury the jury is scared of terrorism what we're seeing is law enforcement targeting people at times based on idea sort of speech that should be protected by freedom of expression was some international news in brief and i have a car bomb has exploded at a police checkpoint in a shia muslim district in baghdad killing at least twenty one people more than half of them civilians dozens more were injured in the attack blast it is people were on their way to celebrate the end of ramadan the situation in the iraqi capital has been tense and senior radicals for me known as i see this seize the northern city of mosul. made it easier to go in a capital jakarta has won the presidential election yoko widodo defeated his main rival the former general who denounced massive fraud during the vote we don't know
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is the first person in decades to occupy the highest office with the former dictatorship overthrown in one nine hundred ninety eight. and at least people have been killed in a right accident near the spanish town of valley county two vehicles crashed head on them plunged into a ditch one driver was taken to hospital while a family in a minivan died at sea. coming up next here an aussie international is being bused and if you're watching us in the u.k. it's breaking. well dr. join us this month in fossil on as we follow the international teams vying for racing glory ultimate triumph. on homes how much we've been to the mysterious cost of a cult classic under spunky boy who's away from the heart clearing the road for
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space program. technology. on our g.'s we've got the future cover. i think. we're going to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and i trust him like we've been a hydrogen lying handful of trans national corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america to find ready to join the movement
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then welcome to the big picture. just three years ago the european union was spending several hundred six billion if you're also in the public procurement underestimation bit each over the deal twenty sort of two sometimes fifty percent of the money spent on corruption.
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there i marinate this is boom boston these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up the billionaire had fund manager bill ackman just wrapped up his latest presentation on the shortcomings of nutritional supplement producer level life so what did you say and why is he calling this presentation the most important of his career we look into it coming right up then francis coppola is on the program that madame called plus the down with me earlier to discuss financial warfare pretty helpful stuff at the moment and in phase big deal edward harrison and i are discussing subprime auto put at risk and the straw that breaks the camel's back it all starts right now.


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